Come on in and get to know our founder’s beautiful home.
Annabell invites you to a little house tour showing you all her favorite interior
stuff while answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

DAMN NICE Kilim Pillows (between €45-€59)
Lounge Area
View to the dining room

When did you move in into your house?

Since 2018 we have been living here. Previously we used to live nearby in a street running parallel. But after expanding our business we needed more space as we wanted to combine our office and private room.

How would you describe your interior style?

My interior style is a mixture of modern, classic and old. Venice Mood meets Finca Style. Depending on my mood, I love to reinvent and express myself by creating a welcoming & approachable home while being spontaneous.

Guest room

How big is your house?

Overall we live on approx. 220 sqm of which 2 of 3 floors are used privately while the 3rd floor is completely used as our office.

Living room
Get the wind lights here..

Who is living here?

How do you define living? 😉 Actually we are three (daddy Andi, little Lu and I) with our crazy dogs. But it's actually everyone who belongs to the "L.A.LU & DAMN NICE" team. We are basically a kind of community you might say.

Living room
Kids room

Which interior tips do you have?

Everything that makes you happy and feel good! There are no rules when creating your own place. It's important that your home feels personal and light-hearted. For me personally, I love to mix styles. Over the years I found that if you don't love something in your home and it's just a compromise then throw it out! "If it's not a HELL YES, it's a NO!" That's the only way you can really create your home. My current motto is rather less but right.

Dressing room with jewelry display (bowls and jewelry by DAMN NICE)

Which is your favorite room?

Well, it always depends on my mood and where the light is coming in. When I wake up in the morning and the sun is shining through the kitchen window, I love to have my first coffee there. When it's dark & gloomy outside and we like to have it cozy, it is the living room with its fireplace. I also love our bed and do look forward to throwing myself into the pillows every night. But when we have guests I love to set the table in the dining room. So to keep it short - there is no favorite room as such 😉

Your favorite item in your house?

I love our bed!

Are you following any interior trends?

Nope. Is there even such a thing? I always love to get inspiration but in the end my heart always decides what it will be.

Sideboard styling
White Shell Tassel by DAMN NICE

How do you relax at home?

Perfectly clear! Good music, palo santo, sandalwood sticks and smudge spray. You can't go wrong with it!

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Your perfect weekend at home?

With my family and friends in our garden or by the fireplace with good music and good food!


We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s house tour with Annabell and got some inspiration for your own home as well <3
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